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Our mission to create the best riding raincoat was conceived while we were on a 250 mile trail ride. Cold, wet, and unhappy with any raincoat we had ever had, we wanted to bring the world something that really worked.  A riding raincoat that would be waterproof, breathable, washable and light-weight. And it would be big enough to cover the rider and their saddle to keep them dry no matter what the weather conditions.

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Antler Handle Boot Knife

Antler Handle Boot Knife

The Antler Handle Boot knife is another great knife with a double edge blade, one that you can carry with you all the time. It clips on to any open style boot top with a spring clip built in it will stay where you put it and not move around. The...

  • Price: $170.00



Introducing the newest member of the Muddy Creek family, the Muddy Creek Rain Rider rain hat! Made of lightweight breathable waterproof fabric, The Rain Rider is an awesome keep you dry in any kind of storm. A low brim in front to allow you to...

  • Price: $35.00


Sharktooth 1

This Sheath is made to fit on your belt horizontally. Its my favorite Knife to carry, Its always out of the way and easy to get in and out of your pocket. Great camping knife for hunters.

  • Price: $125.00